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Russian Cyber Attack

By Norm Ramos December 04, 2023

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine marks the end of three decades of peace in Europe. It marks a significant shift in the overall security of American assets. We all know firsthand the damage a cyberattack can cause. The U.S. Government has already released evidence “showing that Moscow launched a massive hacking campaign to infiltrate America’s ‘critical infrastructure’ – which includes things like power plants, nuclear generators, and water facilities.” Russia already gained confidential information and passwords. Intelligence estimates that if Russia hacks the U.S. electrical grid, it can take weeks to get it functioning again. However, there are proactive steps that U.S. citizens can take to best protect themselves against a cyberattack or the aftermath of one. 

Making a preparedness plan for this scenario with your family is an essential first step to ensure you have the right resources and protection. Cyber-attacks threaten your online assets and your survivability if you are not adequately prepared. Electricity is in everything we use, and many depend on it to stay alive. If the electrical grid is hacked, we will not have access to essential communication, transportation, medical treatments, or appliances like refrigerators that keep our food fresh.


A generator is essential to your backup plan to be self-reliant. Wise offers a Generator and Solar Panel Bundle that will keep you powered up at home or on the go. The portable power generator will allow you to keep your devices going longer and has a tough Alloy Aluminum shell for environmental protection.

Wise Food Storage is America’s most trusted Emergency Food Supply. Our food does not need to be reconstituted in hot water in an emergency, making it fully disaster-proof. We recommend our 30-Day Bundle for two people with over 2200 calories per day per person. This Bundle also comes with two survival backpacks, including food, water, and survival gear. In case of an evacuation situation, you will be prepared for anything. We cannot rely on our government and institutions to protect our families during these uncertain times. By preparing today, you mitigate future risks and give yourself and your family the best shot for survival.


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