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How Much Food You Need In An Emergency

By Amalie Jorgensen February 22, 2023

In times of crisis or emergency, having enough food to sustain oneself and one's family is crucial to survival. Whether it's a natural disaster, economic collapse, or any other unforeseen event that disrupts the usual supply chains, having a stockpile of food can provide security and comfort during a difficult time. But how much food is enough to be considered prepared? The general rule of thumb for emergency preparedness is to have at least 30 days' worth of food per person. Here are some of the reasons why 30 days of food is considered a minimum amount needed to be prepared for an emergency: 

  1. Provides time to stabilize the situation: In the aftermath of a disaster, it may take time for government agencies and relief organizations to provide assistance and restore essential services. A month's food supply can provide a buffer period for individuals to stabilize their situation and assess their next steps.
  2. Ensures adequate nutrition: 30 days' worth of food provides a balanced diet, including protein, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. Stress levels may be high in an emergency, and individuals need calories to maintain their energy levels.

  3. Allows for unexpected delays: Even with the best planning, unexpected delays can occur, such as road closures, power outages, or delays in receiving assistance. A month's food supply can provide peace of mind and prevent the need to venture out in hazardous conditions to procure food.
  4. Encourages long-term preparedness: Preparing for a 30-day emergency can be a stepping stone to more extensive emergency preparedness. Once individuals have a solid food supply, they can stock up on other essentials, such as water, first aid supplies, and emergency tools.
  5. Provides for others: In an emergency, individuals may need to help others, such as elderly neighbors or family members who could not adequately prepare. A food surplus can allow individuals to share with others and contribute to the community's resilience.

If you do not have at least a 30-day supply of emergency food for every family member, Wise Food Storage provides the perfect solution. The Wise Company 30-Day provides all the food you need with these two buckets that provide one person with 1,800 calories daily for 30 days. With 298 total servings and 50 grams of protein daily, these healthy and delicious meals will give you an advantage in any emergency. This emergency food kit is a simple way to prepare and is easy to transport and store with stackable buckets and grab-and-go handles. The Wise Company 30-Day Supply has up to 25-year shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about expiration dates during a disaster. Emergency preparedness is essential for everyone, so take the time to stock up on food and get prepared before disaster strikes!

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