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Prepare for Nuclear Fallout

By Brody Danielson March 02, 2022 0 comments

These are unprecedented times in our history, which calls for unparalleled preparation. Americans need to come together united to protect our democracy from dictators. Russia’s invasion is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people and represents an attempt to dismember democracy. Putin escalated tensions this weekend by putting his nuclear weapons in combat mode. We have a patriotic duty to defend ourselves and support Ukraine against Russia.

By preparing for the worst, you ensure your survival by taking the necessary steps to mitigate risks. The first three days after a disaster is the most important to ensure survival. If America is engaged in nuclear warfare, here is what to do. If you were not in the initial detonation zone, get inside and stay inside. If you do not have adequate shelter with a room away from windows or outer walls, identify a shelter location. For the first 24 hours, you should not leave your designated shelter to protect yourself from high levels of radiation. It can take up to fifteen minutes for nuclear fallout to reach ground levels, which means you have that amount of time to find shelter.

If you were outside at any time, take the proper actions to disinfect yourself from radiation by removing outer layers of clothes and cleaning unprotected skin. Do not touch your eyes, ears, or mouth. It is important to note that disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer do not protect against radiation, so you need access to soap and water.


Wise Food Storage recommends having all your resources in advance. If America is faced with this situation, chaos will ensue, and you will not get the adequate resources to survive last minute. There are usually a few minutes to zero warning time before a nuclear blast. When others are panicking, be the prepared one. That means having a backup generator, radios, and emergency food supply. We have great solutions to help you prepare with our Generator and Solar Power Bundle featuring an impact-resistant design.

Wise Food Storage is the only disaster-proof emergency food supply. It has vegetarian and gluten-free options so that everyone can be ready. Wise has created simple bundles that allow you to prepare based on your family size and how many calories your diet depends on. We recommend our Wise Bundle and our Ultimate 30-Day Bundle to help you prepare. Now more than ever, Americans need to be able to protect themselves. We have learned that we cannot depend on a government that has shown weakness in the face of adversity. In a survival situation, you need to defend yourself and protect yourself against those who don't have your family's best interest in mind. By being as self-sufficient as possible and following this advice against nuclear fallout, you can survive in this worst-case scenario situation. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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